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    At the end of each map is an "uber chest".* Monsters will continue to level with you, up until a cap based upon the tier of map you are using.* Some of the map mods include: Evil Presences, Experience Gain, Item Drops, Item Quality, and more!

    * Please note that in order to use a map, you must be the leader and your entire group must be in town.

    Also note that players not in guilds at the time of their MQ/guild point gain will not show in these rankings. Eg, two glyphs with two stats each combined will glyph at an "angelic" level- Evil Wells will now show up on the mini-map once discovered- Trapdoors will now show up on the mini-map once discovered (if you have a class that can avoid falling into them with you)- Mobs that gain physical or magical resistance buffs will now display a red or blue orb/shield briefly to indicate such- Fixed Treasure Pest mob to properly use special abilities again- Fixed a bug with paralyze where if it happened before your first attack, you would not be paralyzed- Fixed a bug with full exploring a maze and not being able move on the first step of the new maze without returning to town- Normal mob spawn range changed as follows: one person = 1 to 3*, two = 1 to 5, three = 1 to 7, four and five = 1 to 9- The "new player" detection has been adjusted so that if you have 0 MQ attempts for the season, only 2 regular mobs will spawn solo max, and only 1 EP (this nullifies and replaces the v1.27.2 release notes- Client now more accurately calculates hp/mp regen- Client now more accurately calculates and displays damage/heal ranges to include proficiency and % mastery bonuses- The combat idle protection feature has been adjusted to move players to town rather than disband their group- The objective A Pinch of Evil has been tweaked to spawn a bit more frequently for players- Mobs that duplicate/call for help will now spawn in random locations rather than sequential- Fixed an issue where a client could be disconnected due to inactivity at the character select/creation screen, or master quest- Added more preventative drag/drop reset capabilities to master quest screen -- in the event your key is "stuck", try clicking the key again, or the door * I still have yet to be able to reproduce this a single time, so hopefully this resolves the issue on the rare occasions it occurs for some people- Dunebug now has a chance to use Focused Inner Shell (temporary heal mastery)- Darknice now has a chance to use Mana Drain Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.27.2 at the login screen.v1.27.1 release notes- Slightly increased the odds that more stats will spawn on items (eg, arcane, unique, etc)- Fish auto stacking now works with suffussenced fish- Fixed a client side display bug with fishing and combat (would should fishing for weapon/charm proficiency gains if you left the fishing window open during a fight)- Fixed a bug where using an accessory charm could result in grossly high or low damage amounts- Torrentile now has a chance to use Torrential Twisters (multi-shot wind attack)- Moltengrabba now has a chance to use Fire Inside (temporary fire mastery)Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.27.1 at the login screen.If every little detailed change was documented, this document would be dozens of pages long.(It is highly recommended that you play this version in Softcore before you try Hardcore.Some UI elements have changed compared to past versions.)Platform/UI: While a lot of testing went into this, there will inevitably be things that were missed.This means that some monsters will attack a bit faster for their first attack, but some will be slower to react than before. This also only affects the first attack, not subsequent ones.- The /find command and dialog now work up to level 255- Doubled the max amount of Guild Points that can spawn on a totem- Catacombs map size now caps correctly at higher levels New Monster Abilities:- Frostivil now has a chance to use Snowballs (double ice attack)- Rocktopus now has a chance to use Flailing Tentacles (multi target strike)- Tornalisk now has a chance to use Wind Balls (multi-shot wind attack)- Sinseerical now has a chance to use Elemental Evasion (blocks all magical damage for a few seconds)- Goocidic now has a chance to use Gooify (blocks all physical damage for a few seconds)Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.26.2 at the login screen. Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.26.1 at the login screen.edit: Apr 20th 2013 AM CDTv1.26.1b release notes- Using /find on levels between levels 1 to 126 now works (will fix properly @ next full release -- requires protocol change)- Fixed a bug with level 101 not granting GPs- Slightly improved chance for better drop quality (higher tiers) for all mobs- Slightly increased difficulty of mobs above level 70New Monster Abilities:- Doomglider now has a chance to use Double sickle slice (physical)- Gigapede now has a chance to use Gigagashing (multiple attacks)- Posiaclawn now has a chance to perform a special ability Hi all!* This is on a per monster basis, not per group of monsters. A new end game challenge has been unlocked and added for everyone.

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